Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guess who lives on the beach ?

Originally we were offered a house on base to live in. You may be asking yourself why we didn't take the house we were offered. All I will say about that is the neighbor had a tire in the front yard and a christmas tree still up in the living room. So we decided to look for a place to live off base and in no time at all we found a great apartment on the beach. Moo Shu gave her seal of approval ( a poop on the new carpet ) and we are all starting to feel at home and settled in our new home

The neighbors are very quiet


  1. Wow everything looks absolutely beautiful. What an adventure. :)

  2. Its because the neighbors don't have power. Very nice view otherwise.

  3. Ah, seaside living... it's almost like San Diego. Colin and I are looking for a house in FL right now for his EOD training. EVERYTHING there in on the water because it's a peninsula.

    So happy to see you guys are starting to feel settled, and glad that moo shu is comfortable, though I miss her dearly.

  4. I think the neighbors are sleeping...